Additive Manufacturing is breaking through in the (high-tech) production chain!

Additive Manufacturing is in grande finale to break into the high-tech and manufacturing industry. This layered technology has made major development leaps and has now grown into a full-fledged production technology. Are you considering using AM as a production technology? Then AM for Production, the new and annual knowledge and networking event about Additive Manufacturing, is the place where you discover all the necessary steps for an efficient implementation of AM technology.

AM for Production shows all the required steps for an efficient implementation of AM as a production technology

During AM for Production you will meet high-end AM machine builders, component suppliers, raw material suppliers, system integrators, peripheral equipment, software and firmware suppliers, start-ups and knowledge and network organizations. AM for Production focuses on:

  • State of the art update
    Are the technical specifications and business case ready for AM production?
  • Implementation of AM in your production process
    Outsource or buy yourself? Meet all players from relevant software to pre-production processes, material, machines, services, post-processing, training and legal issues
  • Showcases, implementation projects & business cases
    Meet the pioneers who are already successfully producing end pieces with AM technology

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Exhibiting at AM for Manufacturing

During AM for Production, everything revolves around the breakthrough of layer technology in the high-tech and manufacturing industry. This knowledge and networking event offers specialized companies and organizations in the field of AM machines, peripherals, support services, software for AM implementation and the delivery of high-quality end products, as well as standardization, qualification, quality assurance and approvals for AM technology the opportunity to present themselves to high-tech and manufacturing companies

Learn more about exhibiting

exposeren AM Production2

Discover how other high-tech and manufacturing companies successfully use AM

  • “Since 3 years we run a successful AM service producing high-end end-user parts. Huge steps in development now make the promises of this technology available for use in our production chains” - Maick Klaassen, QDP (Exhibitor)

  • “Implementing new production technologies like AM requires a good insight in the state-of-the-art possibilities versus specific requirements. Making the fitting choice for technology and strategy is crucial for success” - Ruben Wauthle, AMNOVIS (Exhibitor):

AM inspiration & knowledge

20221116 Intentieverklaring Brainport Mikrocentrum AM

Mikrocentrum and Brainport Development join forces to bring Additive Manufacturing to a global market

Mikrocentrum and Brainport Development are joining forces in Additive Manufacturing (AM). To bring that goal closer, Bert-Jan Woertman and Paul van Nunen signed a joint declaration of intent on behalf...

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Bart Kooijmans4

Brand new fair 'AM for Production' brings additive manufacturing to the manufacturing industry

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is breaking into the high-tech manufacturing supply chain. The layer-by-layer technology, originated in the early 1980s, has been growing rapidly in recent years.

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Producent van batterijpakketten ELEO grijpt de kansen die 3D printtechnologie biedt2

Manufacturer of battery packs, ELEO, seizes the opportunities that 3D printing has to offer

Scale-up ELEO explicitly uses 3D printing to accelerate its development process. The Eindhoven University of Technology spin-off develops battery systems for, among other things, large excavators in the construction industry...

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