• 15:00-15:25
  • Zaal 2 - MBD-Engineering
  • Lezing in het Engels

Design and Measurement with PMI: Raising awareness on PMI Metrologic implementation situations

  • Mounir Jebabli
  • Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

The transition from traditional 2D drawings to 3D PMI-based CAD models is causing several difficulties and challenges in the implementation.

Many of these problems are already caused during the design of the parts for the downstream processes. It is not only due to the often the often still limited experience of the designers with PMI. Still, it is also often related to the unrestrictive implementation of the PMI options in CAD systems.

We will discuss typical design problems with PMI, analyse requirements and outline changes for the transition from 2D based specification to 3D, and provide solutions to handle legacy data to assist in the transformation to MBD.