• 12:15-12:40
  • Zaal 2 - MBD-Engineering
  • Lezing in het Engels

3D Quality Inspection in the context of MBD - A PMI-based approach in NX

  • Sebastian Merth
  • neoapps GmbH

Product Manufacturing Information is becoming increasingly important in the context of Model-Based Systems Engineering as the captured digital data can be re-used by downstream activities. PMI help you shift to a drawing less organization and turn your 3D model into the single source of truth.
Huge cost and time reductions can be realized especially for manufacturing and inspection.

This presentation will demonstrate how you can leverage your PMI annotated 3D model for the automated creation of inspection reports. We will highlight how inspection features such as dimensions or GD&Ts can be ballooned and marked with unique IDs directly in NX.
We will then show how these characteristics can be extracted from the 3D model and provided in a Technical Data Package (TDP) to serve both external suppliers and internal quality inspection stakeholders.
Finally, we will demonstrate how the ballooned characteristics can be imported into NX CMM by automatically populating the inspection navigator with critical inspection features thus establishing a streamlined quality inspection process.