20221116 Intentieverklaring Brainport Mikrocentrum AM

Mikrocentrum and Brainport Development join forces to bring Additive Manufacturing to a global market

Mikrocentrum and Brainport Development are joining forces in Additive Manufacturing (AM). To bring that goal closer, Bert-Jan Woertman and Paul van Nunen signed a joint declaration of intent on behalf...

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Bart Kooijmans4

Brand new fair 'AM for Production' brings additive manufacturing to the manufacturing industry

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is breaking into the high-tech manufacturing supply chain. The layer-by-layer technology, originated in the early 1980s, has been growing rapidly in recent years.

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Producent van batterijpakketten ELEO grijpt de kansen die 3D printtechnologie biedt2

Manufacturer of battery packs, ELEO, seizes the opportunities that 3D printing has to offer

Scale-up ELEO explicitly uses 3D printing to accelerate its development process. The Eindhoven University of Technology spin-off develops battery systems for, among other things, large excavators in the construction industry...

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Betrouwbare producten voor de orthopedische sector uit 3D printers2

3D printers can make reliable products for the orthopedic sector

Introducing digital technologies in the orthopedic sector is challenging, as it all revolves around the human body. 3D printing is helping with that.

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Grensverleggend met 3D beton printen5

Pushing the boundaries with 3D concrete printing

Weber Beamix sees in 3D printing with concrete a stap towards sustainable buildings and it offers an answer to the shortage of staff

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Bart Kooijmans2

From the first 3D printers in the country to full-fledged industry

While 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing sounded like science fiction in the late 1990s, it is now a common technology, according to Bart Kooijmans.

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