Knowledge sharing plays an essential role for AM technology to break through within the high-tech and manufacturing industry. AM for Production is therefore committed to a robust knowledge program with prominent speakers, use cases, best practices, workshops and master classes.

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Featured speakers and lectures

  • Ian Gibson, Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Advanced Manufacturing at
    the University of Twente (FIP-AM@UT)
    Although there have been significant developments in additive manufacturing in the past few years, there are still many manufacturers uncertain or unwilling to include AM machines on their shop floors. This presentation will discuss how FIP-AM@UT are working alongside colleagues at Fraunhofer and the University of Twente to address this reluctance by helping manufacturing companies to overcome the barriers affecting successful implementation.
  • Hessel Maalderink and Radu Donose, ASML
    ASML started using parts made by Additive Manufacturing in its wafer stages more than 10 years ago now, driven by design freedom and added functionality. Since then, the number of AM parts per system have increased, as well as the total number of systems produced. At the same time AM processes, materials and post-processing technologies have evolved. Assuring part quality for these ever growing demands has been an ongoing effort by ASML and its supply chains. In this lecture some quality related aspects of this endeavour are highlighted.

  • Ir. Neil van Es, Geek-in-chief, Parts on Demand BV
    With 3D printing, you produce quickly, locally and flexibly. But how is industrial 3D printing really applied? Neil van Es shows concrete applications of customers from mechanical engineering, food industry and orthopaedics. He tells how this makes a difference, and what it delivers.

  • Rob van Loon, Additive Manufacturing Engineer, KMWE Precision BV
    In this talk, Rob van Loon demonstrates the importance of the entire production process, how small process deviations can have a lasting impact on the part's functionality, and how these can be overcome to ensure part quality in series production.

  • Willem Van Cauwenberge, Head of Engineering, Metal Technics 3D
    Additive Manufacturing of metal is mostly associated with applications in high-tech environments or prototype production. However, with smart design, applications are not limited to these sectors. With the right design choices, metal 3D printing offers solutions for a wide range of applications and can compete with conventional machining methods.

Meet & Match

Both the DNHK (German Dutch Chamber of Commerce) and Mikrocentrum's High Tech Platform (exclusively for members), are organising meetings on the exhibition floor. There will also be a networking café and networking drinks at the end of Day 1.

Knowledge development

Several major grant projects will show their progress, developments and goals. Explore opportunities for your company to leverage this knowledge or perhaps hook into these major grant projects yourself. (FIP-UT, IAMM, 3DOP, FLAM3D)

User cases, best practices

Explore the experiences of others who preceded you on the road to implementing AM technology.